2016 Senior Choice Gold Awards Preview


The Senior Choice Gold Award (SCGA) is the branded national award created by HealthMetrix Research in 1998 to recognize Medicare Advantage plans nationwide for "Excellence in Medicare Benefits Value." The SCGA is based on the independent CostShare Report findings produced for over 100 markets in 47 states. SCGA exclusive rights and deliverables are ideal for reaching current and prospective members, caregivers, providers, media and comply with current CMS Medicare Marketing Guidelines.

NEW! The dual-track SCGA now recognizes Medicare Advantage plans for "Excellence in Medicare Benefits Value & Performance." The new dual-track SCGA is based on the combined independent CostShare Report findings and the CMS Star performance ratings (minimum 4-star rating).

See the current 2016 SCGA national announcement - "HealthMetrix Research Selects 2016 Medicare Advantage Plans for Exceptional Benefit Value & Overall Performance" at http://https://t.co/atWWPgg4LL.

For 2016 Senior Choice Gold Award exclusive licensing details and fees, please contact Alan Mittermaier at alan@healthmetrixresearch.com.

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